On the Road Again

Alice just finished up a two-week tour with her full band that took them all the way to Austin and back. They had the chance to play several Austin shows during the SXSW music festival, but one of their most successful of the tour was at a little roadhouse just outside of Austin that was opened by Willie Nelson's road manager for many years, Poodie. Check out a video of Alice and the band with their song "Baby I Do":

Alice and Godin Guitars

 Alice has been playing the same Seagull brand guitar since her father bought it for her as a present at only 16 years old. Now, Alice has been extended an artist endorsement deal through Godin Guitars, the Canadian-based company that makes Seagull Guitars. This is Alice's first endorsement, and it could not be with a more fitting company, considering the hours she and her Seagull have spent together - through countless songwriting sessions, two full-length albums, and tours spanning 14 states and counting! Click HERE to see Alice's image among the artists on the Seagull website.


The above video was filmed as part of a series of live videos for TheFrontloader.com. Click HERE for part 1 of the series, and click HERE for part 2. Each part contains three videos featuring guitarist Tom Bremer and bassist Robert Bowman, as well as commentary from blogger Thomas Lee, who says Alice "possesses one of the purest voices I’ve heard in a long, long time."


"Best Country/Americana" 

OC Music Awards 2014

Alice and the band were included among the five Orange County groups nominated for Best Country/Americana in the 2014 OC Music Awards! Though they did not take home the award (it went to national touring artist Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys), being included in the awards list was a huge honor! Click below to see a clip of their performance in the Best Live Band showcase series:



Reviews for Alice's album 

A Thousand Miles From Home:

"She rakes deeper and stands naked under the gaze of her audience more bravely than any but the most committed artists dare."     - NoSurfMusic.com

"The strength of an Alice Wallace vocal delivery reaches out a firm hand as support for the heartbreak in her songs."      - The Alternate Root Magazine

"… these new songs showcase a stronger voice awash with the experience of her constant touring, locally and afar."    -  Musicinpress.com 


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Alice Wallace Merchandise!

Make sure to visit Alice's online STORE to buy copies of her new album "A Thousand Miles From Home," along with the first-ever Alice Wallace T-shirts designed by Oceano Ransford!



Alice is on Pandora!

Head on over to www.Pandora.com to create your Alice Wallace station now! The site links Alice's music with songs from Patty Griffin, Neko Case, Shawn Colvin and more!



Praise for Alice's music and performances: 

“…polished, vibrant, and with a voice as rich as the sun.”

Nadia Noir, The World Famous KROQ.com

“Alice Wallace was a standout for sure, taking the stage like a seasoned pro…”

- Kelli Skye Fadroski, Orange County Register

 "...her voice...is gilded lightning."

- Jason D. "Diesel" Hamad, No Surf Music

 "Sweet Madness is a rich album, filled with emotion and surprising turns..."

- Yvette Quintero, Music in Press

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