Alice Wallace


Alice has been playing the same Seagull brand guitar since her father bought it for her as a present at only 16 years old. Now, Alice has been extended an artist endorsement deal through Godin Guitars, the Canadian-based company that makes Seagull Guitars. This is Alice's first endorsement, and it could not be with a more fitting company, considering the hours she and her Seagull have spent together - through countless songwriting sessions, two full-length albums, and tours spanning 14 states and counting! Click HERE to see Alice's image among the artists on the Seagull website.



2016-12-02 14:58:00 - Elliot Martinez
Alice, This is a great opportunities. Godin is now endorsed by Doyle Dykes, who formerly endorsed Taylor Guitars. I also have a friend, Roger Espino who is another endorser. I think that Godin is really an up and coming brand. Congrats!
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