Alice Wallace


They’ve got names for the ones who talk back and the ones who wear those clothes.

They’ve got names for the ones who say yes and the ones who say no.


Click HERE to listen to the full track on Spotify.

To debut her latest single, Alice decided the best way to share such a powerful song was by simply playing it live for her fans. So with a Facebook Live event on March 8, Alice told the story of "Elephants," a song written by Dallas songwriter Andrew Delaney with whom Alice has co-written several songs for her forthcoming album due out this fall. Click HERE to watch the Facebook live video. 

The song adds to the conversation currently exploding across the country thanks to movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp and the many women who are coming forward to speak out about harassment and assault they’ve experienced. 

The single will be included on Wallace’s forthcoming album, currently set for release in late summer of this year. She already released one single in September 2017 ahead of her performance as an official showcase artist at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, TN. That single, a co-write with Delaney entitled Echo Canyon, adds a modern flair to the all-but-abandoned tradition of the country yodel, and the website Saving Country Music said the song “creates the perfect setting and environment for Alice Wallace to showcase why she’s one of the most unheralded singers in independent country/Americana.”

Click HERE to listen to the full track on Spotify.

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