Alice Wallace



"Opening with Alice Wallace, whose steady tenor is shot through with Crystal Gayle’s ache, Linda Ronstadt’s country essence was celebrated with a throbbing 'Long, Long Time.'" - review of The Palomino Rides Again event

Los Angeles Daily News

"Wallace, who sang a dead-on lovely version of Palomino mainstay Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time,” was clearly tickled to be a part of the revived history.

'I never got to go to the original Palomino,” the Fullerton-based singer said. “I grew up in Florida and I’ve only been out here in Southern California for 10 years. This feels amazing. When I first moved here, I heard people talk about the Palomino Club so many times, and to be a part of reviving it for an evening means a lot, especially as someone who plays country music here in California.'"

The Digital FIx

"In 2015 Alice Wallace released her breakthrough record, Memories, Music & Price. It got high praise from critics and introduced to her listeners on the UK side of the Atlantic too. Over the last three years plenty has happened to the Californian singer-singwriter, including recording (but not releasing, yet) a new album. Alice found some time in her schedule to have a chat with us about that, her new single 'Elephants', and yodeling."

EVO Health and Wellness

"In conversation with Ron Roecker, Alice discusses the intense physical and mental burden that touring puts on an artist and how more resources are necessary to help them bear it."


From Southern California Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Alice Wallace comes her much anticipated new single "Elephants". The song addresses the compromises women have to make to move through the world - how women learn early on that the simple act of walking through an empty parking lot or getting a drink at a bar bring an inherent risk. Women are being asked to "live quiet as a mouse in a room full of elephants."

Saving Country Music

"'Echo Canyon' creates the perfect setting and environment for Alice Wallace to showcase why she’s one of the most unheralded singers in independent country/Americana. The yodel immediately evokes the expanse of the West, and the loneliness of the desert-scape like nothing else can."

No Depression

"It doesn’t take long after Alice Wallace takes the stage to realize we are hearing an exciting new talent to the world of roots music.  As she gently and humorously tells her stories of the road and touring over the last three years and the songs that tie-in, it is clear she carries a presence and charisma that is inviting and charming. It’s the kind of stuff stars are made of in her vocal skill and her engaging rapport with the audience."

Riveting Riffs

"Some emerging artists have a chance to be good, it is rare that a singer, songwriter and musician has the opportunity to be great, but Alice Wallace is one of those few artists who has a date with destiny and it is spelled out in capital letters, Country Music Star."

OC Weekly's 20 Best OC Albums of 2015

"#15 - Memories, Music & Pride: In the whirlwind of punk and indie acts performing around Orange County, it’s rare to see a country artist kicking up dust like Alice Wallace.The Fullerton-based singer/songwriter debuted Memories, Music & Pride in October and the album has spawned gigs from Nashville to Portland. Built on Wallace’s classic country style but infused with a flirty, modern vibe, eleven-tracks showcase her vocal range and matured songwriting."

The Alternate Root

"Memories, Music and Pride showcases the voice of Alice Wallace as a force, rolling in as slowly and seeming peaceful as storm clouds, letting go yet holding strong as the musical elements swirl around her."

Innocent Words

"If you like the grittiness of Lucinda Williams and the sweetness of Linda Ronstadt, then you will enjoy the 11 tracks on Alice Wallace’s ‘Memories, Music & Pride.’"

"Wallace can sing sad songs just as easily as uptempo foot-stompers. No matter the tempo, she sings with plenty of soul and plays with plenty of ability. Country music isn't dead, and this album is proof of that."

OC Weekly

"Memories, Music & Pride is a solid listen from beginning to end, winding through quick, two-step friendly rompers, introspective road tunes, and tenderhearted ballads. Wallace gives a nod to her trademark yodel, but primarily taps into a style that pays homage to classic artists while keeping one foot firmly planted in the future of Americana and country music."

Rock at Night

Southern California Americana artist Alice Wallace discusses her new album, the art of yodeling and her experience touring as a female solo artist via podcast.

"The Orange County local has taken her melting pot of musical influences and fused them into a sound as vast as her octave range and as infectious as the crunchy rhythms she pulls from her guitar."

No Depression

"Every track is stunning, with Wallace’s amazing vocals bringing life to her thought-provoking lyrics and melodies.  Everything you like about Americana music is there – the emotions, the vocal range and the steel guitar combine to create songs that are instantly memorable and reach deep inside the listener to connect on a deeper level than most music being produced today."


Click HERE to watch Alice Wallace and Tom Bremer perform on the KCAL9 morning show on Oct. 4th, 2015. 

The Alternate Root Top Ten Songs of the Week 10/3/15

"Alice Wallace has a mighty yodel that she uses to open her tune and sprinkling her call liberally throughout the track. 'I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart' was originally recorded by Patsy Montana in 1935, and was the first Country and Western tune by a woman to sell over one million copies."

No Depression

"Her voice is rich and velvety, with soul and character all her own. Hers is the kind of vocal talent most songwriters strive to attain, matched by a stage presence that is both personable and charismatic...Alice Wallace looks bound for the kind of success that dreams are made of."

The Frontloader, part 2

"Alice possesses one of the purest voices I’ve heard in a long, long time..."

Pasadena Weekly

"...gratitude and confidence come across in the big-voiced singer-songwriter’s onstage ease."

The Frontloader, part 1

"I’ll say this about the whole session with Alice: it was great to watch them perform and feed off of each other. Their knowledge of not only the style, but their playing was a joy to hear."

SLO City News

"Southern California singer-songwriter Alice Wallace has a voice more pristine and pure than a field of blooming wildflowers."

OC Weekly

"Wallace garnered attention of her own over the past year, picking up OC Music Award Nominations for Best Country/Americana and Best Live Band, as well as an invitation to perform at the upcoming Groovefest American Music Festival in Cedar City, Utah."

San Gabriel Valley Music Magazine

"Her vocals and melodies are gentle enough to guide you through the groves of Bakersfield, yet outlaw enough to handle the Mojave."

unEarth Music Hub - Top 5 Honors February 2014

"Complete with yodels and a well-oiled team of skilled musicians, Alice proved that she has upped her game to a truly competitive level where she is hard not to recognize."

OC Weekly

"Alice was full of sass, style, and country flair...Her charm and emotion were the highlights of the performance, exposing her habit of entertaining the crowd between songs before hooking them with heartfelt music."

No Surf Music

"With her sophomore effort A Thousand Miles From Home, that clear, powerful voice is just as impressive as ever, but Wallace’s songwriting has jumped to a whole new level of excellence."

The San Diego Troubadour

"A Thousand Miles from Home is a good showcase for Wallace’s music, spotlighting her strong, passionate vocals and range in songwriting."

The Alternate Root

"The strength of an Alice Wallace vocal delivery reaches out a firm hand as support for the heartbreak in her songs."

The Daily Pilot

"Wallace's voice is warm and inviting as she sings about finding a home away from home."

Music in Press

"The arrangements are just right, poignant where they need to be and ushering when Wallace takes us on a is easy to get lost in her story-telling and expert waltzing."

The Colorado Springs Gazette

"Singer Alice Wallace is no stranger to taking chances: Only four months ago, she was working a typical 9-to-5 job. Today, she's a one-woman operation, promoting and performing her own music and chasing the longtime dream of being a musician..."

Albuquerque Journal

"Alice Wallace is on a new adventure. The California-based singer/songwriter is giving it a go as a full-time musician."


"Alice Wallace took the stage right after with a completely different vibe; polished, vibrant, and with a voice as rich as the sun that her recordings don’t accurately capture."

OC Register

"Alice Wallace was a standout for sure, taking the stage like a seasoned pro despite the sudden dip in temperature."


"A rare songbird nestled in the wild, untamed forest of local singer-songwriters, Alice Wallace has her musical ascension almost figured out. Sipping her tea with an unwavering sense of confidence mixed with her straight-forward, sincere demeanor, Wallace says she’s finally ready to jump off that cliff, fiscal or otherwise, and fly."

Music in Press

"OC rising star Alice Wallace chatted with the crowd in between songs, giving us insight into her writing and musical influences. Her voice permeated the chatty crowd and before long every eye was glued to the stage."

OC Weekly - "Heard Mentality" Blog

"...throughout (Sweet Madness) Wallace happily revels in a voice that plays around with styles but always just plain sounds pretty good. So it's a traditional album, Sweet Madness, but one that uses a variety of traditions instead of just one and does so in engaging fashion."

Corvallis Gazette-Times

"Wallace is a golden-toned songstress who wavers from soft and airy to full and passionate depending on the style of song, which could be anything from folk to blues to old style country."

Music in Press

"Sweet Madness is a rich album, filled with emotion and surprising turns that are sensuous and inviting. So, welcome to an album that makes honey off the lovelorn maddening days."

Times-Standard, Eureka and North Coast

"The record is dynamic, non-skipworthy and best of all, sincere. Like your favorite local pizza joint, this woman can deliver in many styles -- from alt-country to soul, from folk-rock to blues."

"Alice Wallace has had her heart broken. You can tell in her music. But she won’t break yours."

No Surf Music

"With Sweet Madness, Alice Wallace displays an immense amount of talent, most notably in the quality of her voice, which is gilded lightning. Her lyrics may be relatively simple, but they are powerfully emotional and deeply personal, while her music is well crafted and often spot-on to the mood she’s looking to create. It’s not a perfect album, but for a first effort it is stunning, far better than many notable artists produce at the height of their careers."

Music in Press

"As far as folk singers go, Alice Wallace is one to watch. The Orange County-based artist has just released an album, and is getting ready to embark on a West coast tour all in the next few months. It’s a busy time for the Florida native, but the future looks bright for this folksy singer/songwriter."

"I met Alice Wallace, a rising alt-country/rocker/blues talent, when she played right before the Greencards at The Mint several months ago...and felt I was seeing an emerging artist."

Orange County Register

"Armed with a voice capable of impressive vocal gymnastics (including an aptly titled closer about teaching herself to yodel that would impress Jewel), Wallace used effective storytelling and straightforward songs to entertain."